About Us


We are up to date with the most emerging technologies and we offer the client the most appropriate solution for each scenario.

All the personnel that work in SILICON NICA are professionals specialized in different branches of informatics, each one with more than 10 years of experience together, we have had the opportunity to develop projects and who in this time demonstrated great human quality, excellence in their work and a great passion for contributing to our society, we are a group of people with a high level of professionalism and also moral qualities, valuable skills to function in the workplace, such is the case of the commitment and detail with which we develop the tasks assigned to us, with good availability to what is required and always giving the best of itself with:

• Commitment: what differentiates us from our competitors is our relationship with the client, the treatment received in an environment of trust and professionalism.

• Results: our objective is to detect needs and offer results in an agile, safe, and intelligent way.

• Multidisciplinary approach: we manage to connect dots, people, and solutions to offer something innovative and necessary to the market.

• Advances in Innovation: we are attentive to the market and new trends in order to offer services that offer new business opportunities.

• Technology: technology as an engine for growth and humanization of digital processes so that they revert to the benefit of the community.

• Team spirit: we recognize the importance of people in the success of projects, favoring an environment of collaboration and trust, and making sure that everyone adds.